About Us

RCV Custom Coach Service is a family-run business. The owner, Bob Vinson, has been in the RV industry for 16 years. He started at a little dealership in 1996 as a low line tech servicing gas engines, and in 1998 he started at Country Coach. At Country Coach, he worked in Research and Development and at the production line until he found his real calling there — service. It wasn’t too long before he started to work closely with the customers in resolving their needs, working hard to provide quality service to each owner.

Many of you may have met Bob at Camp Country Coach, or you may have met him in Southern California, where he worked four winters for Country Coach in field tech support. He and his support team were there to meet Country Coach Owners’ needs, and stayed there for four months each year. Working in service for a while at Country Coach, he was named Service Specialist, which meant he was a full time traveling technician. In Southern California, he was part of a special team that would leave at a moment’s notice to help the company reach their goal of getting stranded owners and their coaches back on the road, happy and safe.

This service work lead Bob to the position of Custom Product Specialist at Country Coach, where he worked with Prevost Bus owners and other owners to ensure that their desired end result was achieved. In this position, he worked on all levels of the coaches being developed. Bob was able to give the end users feedback on the new products developed, and worked with the many teams putting the Rhapsody and Verandas together. Bob worked on the entire process, from the build process of the coaches through the coaches being picked up by their new owners and even through the first year of the ownership of the coaches.

In 2008 with the fall of so many industries, Bob had to make a hard choice and left Country Coach. This was a difficult choice, but was a great opportunity that opened more doors for Bob and his family. He went to work at Oregon Motorcoach Center (OMC) where he has held a variety of different positions, but primarily has been the guy to change customer’s coaches from old to new. He has lead teams to complete the work big or small to the customer’s satisfaction. Bob was the Service Manager at OMC for a short time, but made the decision to go back to the position of Lead Tech. At this level he was able to work with the customer and do the work he is passionate about. In the time from 2008 to 2012 while he has been at OMC, Bob has become familiar with many other brands such as Monaco, Liberty, Holiday Rambler, Winnebago, Foretravel, Alfa and many more that have crossed his path.

Troubleshooting and problem solving has always been a passion for Bob. With his experience in the industry, he is able to listen to customers, work with their coaches, and find the real issue to repair it correctly the first time. Too often other people take the easier path of changing parts until the right one is finally replaced. Bob has always looked deeper to find the real problem, fix it, and send his customers on their way. At RCV, we provide the service that you need. In 2014, we opened our shop in Junction City, OR.

Your satisfaction is our first priority. Not only do we provide unparalleled service, but we also welcome your questions as we work. It is important to us not just that we do the job well, but that you are completely comfortable and knowledgeable about all aspects of your coach. We are happy to provide phone consultation as well. Please check out our services tab for more info.  

Our Technicians are certified in a multiple areas:

  • RVIA
  • Norcold
  • PowerGear
  • Dometic
  • Silverleaf
  • MotoSat
  • Winegard
  • RF Mougl
  • HWH

Our Technicians are also trained in the following:

  • Intelitec
  • Headhunter
  • Logitech
  • Creston
  • Forgon Switching
  • Spider Controls
  • RTI
  • Hurricane
  • AquaHot